By The End Of The Week... will have completed:

  • Introductions

  • Discussion about the class, culture and what we'll be doing

  • Talking about personalized learning

  • Started learning about and using Photoshop

  • Snack Food Day Friday - Bring in your favorite...

Monday August 19th


Tuesday August 20th

Wednesday August 21st


Thursday August 22nd


Friday August 23rd


Goals and Scales For Commercial & Digital Arts

*coming soon*

Printing Your Files & Saving Files For Web

We have a Lexmark Laser Printer (C790):

  • After you press print, a dialogue box will pop up.

  • Be sure the Lexmark C790 Printer is selected.

  • Check the orientation of your paper is correct (Portrait or Landscape)

  • Be sure to scroll down a bit and check the SCALE TO FIT MEDIA box.

  • Print to the Lexmark (Copy 2) printer

Saving For Web In Photoshop

  • Open your work. Select all. Choose EDIT, then COPY MERGED

  • Create a new file and size, then paste what you just copied.

  • Make sure your file is resized.

  • Make sure your file has no white around it and it's cropped.

  • With your file open, go to FILE - SAVE FOR WEB & DEVICES (Legacy)

  • In the upper right corner, select the JPEG option and make sure it's set to HIGH QUALITY

  • In the lower left corner, you 'll see the file tag JPEG and a time it take to load in seconds. It should be under 100 seconds.

  • Choose SAVE and select your block folder.

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