What We're Doing During Week 13...

  • Adobe Illustrator - Tools, Uses And Practice.

  • Practice Tracing Portrait

  • Portrait of yourself

  • Test Friday over Design Process - Logos - Photoshop

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Last Week We...

Entry Level - Adobe Illustrator.

Have a look at  the class Illustrator page. Start at the top and work your way down.

Your Design Word For The Week Is:

 - Recapping Design Elements

Update Your Design Term Of The Week File

  • Open your Word file titled DESIGN TERMS_Your Name.  Update and Document Your Week 11 Design Vocabulary

New Students & Year Two Students

* Photoshop Certification Exam Prep - Week 3 Check out this website. Scroll down to Exam Objectives

* Test  - Friday the 5th over Design Process - Logos - Photoshop Use - Billboards.

   Scroll down to the Semester One at the bottom and go back thru any weeks you need study help with

Monday November 1st - Friday November 5th

Illustrator - CC.jpg

Entry Level - Adobe Illustrator.

Have a look at  the class Illustrator page. Start at the top and work your way down.

Class Demo: Monday, Nov 1st Adobe Illustrator at 7:40am. & 12:30pm


Practice | Adobe Illustrator  - Character Skill Builders

1. Practice - Video Tutorial - Create a Flat Design Character in Adobe Illustrator

    Watch this video and follow along with, attempting to recreate his character. (This practice is for you)

2. Practice - Web Tutorial - How To Draw A Flat Character in Adobe Illustrator (Objects - People - Etc.) (Turn This In For 2 pts)

    Pick two or three objects or game characters and practice making them using Illustrator and the tips you've just picked up.

3. Practice - Choose 2 Flat Characters From The Examples and Recreate Them  (Turn This In For 2 pts)

    Pick two characters and cut and copy them from Photoshop into Illustrator and practice recreating them in Illustrator.

Practice | Adobe Illustrator - Skill Builders

1. Video: 13 Tips For Illustrator Beginners

    Watch this great video and pick up some basic tips for using tools in the Adobe Illustrator world (These skill builders are for you)

2. Video: Understanding the Pathfinder tools. Practicing what Unite, Minus Front, Intersect, Exclude, Divide, Trim, Merge,

    Crop, Outline, Minus Back

    Increase your Illustrator skill set by understanding what the Pathfinder tool does.  (These skill builders are for you)

    Pre-Production | Adobe Illustrator Character Design  (These skill builders are for you)

1. Creating Characters using Adobe Illustrator.

    Your job is to find two video or web tutorials that will help you create characters in Illustrator.

Project | Adobe Illustrator - Portrait Instructions - Face Trace



      Task Sheet | Portrait Project - Trace Anyone's Face Sheet  (Turn this in for up to 3 pts)

      Task Sheet | Portrait Project - Trace Your Face  (Turn this in for up to 3 pts)

Self Portrait Trace Before After.jpg

Usually Done At The End of Class On Fridays.

Goals & Scales
WIX WEB PORTFOLIO is a simple web page creator that lets you look at thousands of website templates and then save one and edit it. Remove their pictures, put in yours. Remove their text, put in yours. Changing color schemes, etc.. The best portfolio pages have a simple landing (or Splash) page, and then links to your gallery.

Design an online portfolio for yourself. Include your artwork you've designed this semester, year or so far during your time in class. Your name should figure prominently into the design.

Pages should include:

  • Index Page - Example Page - About You Page - Contact Page

*Pictures for upload must be saved JPEG, BMP, PNG or TIFF file formats.



Printing Your Files

We have a Lexmark Laser Printer (C792) which is labeled as:


  • After you press print, a dialogue box will pop up on your screen.

  • Be sure the class printer is selected ( ET0021B7F99C6A )

  • Check the orientation of your paper is correct (Portrait or Landscape)

  • Be sure to scroll down a bit and check the SCALE TO FIT MEDIA box.

  • Press print

  • Please DO NOT Print: Work From Other Classes, Memes you Just Made And Think Are Funny But Are Not, Pages of Solid Colors, Work that has nothing to do with our class.

  • You can lose your printing privileges is this happens


Save And Upload To Focus

  • All work will be turned in using FOCUS. I will be able to grade your work, count your work and give feedback on your work using Focus. In class, turn in work using the class InBox. Final Project folders will be numbered and titled.


  • Grades will be entered within two weeks of turning in your project. Some projects will take one or two days for you to complete, some will take several weeks. Please be patient as grading is completed.

Late Work

  • Work turned in late will receive one letter grade lower each day it is late. If it's more than 3 days late without instructor approval, absence, excused absence or extenuating circumstance, the grade stands. Due Dates are very important in industry and in our class.

Saving Photoshop Files

  • .PSD files preserve your layers, allowing you to come back and work on files with all your work preserved.

  • .JPEG files are compressed for display online. 300 resolution or better. Anything below is too blurry.

  • .PNG files are high quality and create a transparent background.

We have a class network to save your class work:

  • It allows you to keep work in class that you are working on. This file contains a folder for your class work. It is where you can keep your design work in class or move things into from your One Drive or your Flash Drive if you do work at home.​

Industry Certification Pre-Testing

Yes! You can still spend classtime online pre-testing for your certification.


To Access Adobe From Home

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in the upper right corner using your r2.d2 and password.


  4. Now, choose Creative Cloud to Download. This will put the links to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign on your desktop. If you only need one of these or already have one or two installed, look for the individual software you need and download that.

  5. Follow directions once downloaded.