Week 16  April 25th - 29th

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Advanced Design

Design Principles Ep1 - Hierarchy

Design Principles Ep2 - Generating Ideas

Design Principles Ep3 - 6 Golden Rules of Layout

Design Principles Ep4.- Perfect Layout Design

Design Principles Ep5.- Pro vs Amateur moves

Satori Graphics YouTubeChannel - Check this out!

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Software of Choice Deep Dive Project Starts April 18th. Due Friday April 29th

DESIGN CHALLENGE:  Discover Some Software You've Never Used (5 pts total)

Your job is to fill out the above project sheet and upload it to Focus.

(Software cannot be something you've previously made / created)

The standards based question is for completion AFTER the project.

Once completed, you'll look through the Florida State Standards and pull all of the skillsets you used or obtained

during your software deep dive and compile them in a .WORD document.

What you're turning in to Focus is:

  • Your Proposal  (.Word file)

  • A Document Showing What State Standards Highlighted (.Word file)

  • Your Completed Discovery Project


What do all the Adobe softwares do? Software Descriptions

The 12 best open-source tools for designers

Projects We Did This Year

Year Three & Four Projects *click here*

Your job is to open the state standards for our program and locate what standards your projects encompassed.

Think about what you did for the project vs. what the state standard is.

YES - Include the Standard Number and Description

YES - Include Multiple Standards. Many will overlap. There should be at least 3 for each


Project: 3 Billboard Designs  – Photoshop & Concept Sketching

01.03 Apply the principles and elements of design

01.05 Demonstrate a basic understanding of photo-editing / photo-manipulation programs

01.08 Sketch designs using pencil and ink

01.18 Demonstrate harmony and contrast of proportion

02.10 Draw freehand sketches

02.14 Analyze an object to determine size, shape, and proportion

03.05 Explain specification of type and copy fitting.

03.06 Identify and select typographic styles.

03.07 Define basic letter structures.

03.08 Demonstrate mixing of families of type.

03.09 Identify and select lettering styles.

Format this any way you choose. Use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. 

Please use your design sense and what you have learned this year to cohesively convey this information.

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Goals & Scales
WIX WEB PORTFOLIO is a simple web page creator that lets you look at thousands of website templates and then save one and edit it. Remove their pictures, put in yours. Remove their text, put in yours. Changing color schemes, etc.. The best portfolio pages have a simple landing (or Splash) page, and then links to your gallery.

Design an online portfolio for yourself. Include your artwork you've designed this semester, year or so far during your time in class. Your name should figure prominently into the design.

Pages should include:

  • Index Page - Example Page - About You Page - Contact Page

*Pictures for upload must be saved JPEG, BMP, PNG or TIFF file formats.



Printing Your Files

We have a Lexmark Laser Printer (C792):

  • After you press print, a dialogue box will pop up.

  • Be sure the Lexmark C792 Printer is selected.

  • Check the orientation of your paper is correct (Portrait or Landscape)

  • Be sure to scroll down a bit and check the SCALE TO FIT MEDIA box.

  • Please DO NOT Print: Work From Other Classes, Memes you Just Made And Think Are Funny But Are Not, Pages of Solid Colors, Work that has nothing to do with our class.

  • You can lose your printing privileges is this happens


Turning In Your Assignments

Save And Upload To Focus

  • All work will be turned in using FOCUS/PORTAL. I will be able to grade your work, count your work and give feedback on your work using Focus.


  • Grades will be entered within two weeks of turning in your project. Some projects will take one or two days for you to complete, some will take several weeks. Please be patient as grading is completed. For every day a project due date is missed, a letter grade reduction will occur.

Saving Files

  • .PSD files preserve your layers, allowing you to come back and work on files with all your work preserved.

  • .JPEG files are compressed for display online. 300 resolution or better. Anything below is too blurry.

  • .PNG files are high quality and create a transparent background.

  • .AI files are native to Adobe Illustrator

  • .ID files are native to Adobe InDesign

We have a class network to save your class work:

  • It allows you to keep work in class that you are working on. This file contains a folder for your class work. It is where you can keep your design work in class or move things into from your One Drive or your Flash Drive if you do work at home.​