What Adobe Illustrator Is:

Industry standard software used by graphic designers, web designers, photographers, web content providers, illustrators game designers, character designers and much more. Main file format is VECTOR.

Files are Scaleable, meaning they can be enlarged or reduced to any size and remain crisp and clean.

Students New To Adobe Illustrator, Start Here:

If this is your first time using Photoshop, these beginning tips, techniques and projects will help you get started using some of the design industry's most popular software.

Practice & Production

THURSDAY - FRIDAY January 23rd - 24th

Practice | Adobe Illustrator Character Skill Builders

1. Practice - Video Tutorial - Create a Flat Design Character in Adobe Illustrator

    Watch this video and follow along with, attempting to recreate his character.

2. Practice - Web Tutorial - How To Draw A Flat Character in Adobe Illustrator (Objects -      People - Etc.) (Turn This In For 2 pts) (Due Tuesday Jan 28th)

    Pick two or three objects or game characters and practice making them using 

    Illustrator and the tips you've just picked up.

3. Practice - Choose 2 Flat Characters From The Examples and Recreate Them

(Turn This In For 2 pts) (Due Tuesday Jan 28th)

Pick two characters from this group.   Bring them into Photoshop, select and copy the characters you like and place them back in to Illustrator. Then, recreate them.


GAMING CLASS - Make Dominic Into A Flat Character Design (Extra Credit 1 pt)

Using the four photos in the class resource folder, turn Dominic into a 2D flat character caveman.  (Due Tuesday Jan 28th)


TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY January 21st - 22nd

Practice | Adobe Illustrator Skill Builders

1. Video: 13 Tips For Illustrator Beginners

    Watch this great video and pick up some basic tips for using tools in the Adobe

    Illustrator world

2. Video: Understanding the Pathfinder tools. Practicing what Unite, Minus Front,

    Intersect, Exclude, Divide, Trim, Merge, Crop, Outline, Minus Back

    Increase your Illustrator skill set by understanding what the Pathfinder tool does.

Pre-Production | Adobe Illustrator Character Design

1. Creating Characters using Adobe Illustrator.

    Your job is to find two video or web tutorials that will help you create characters in


MONDAY - TUESDAY January 13th - 14th

Project | Adobe Illustrator - Portrait Instructions - Trace Someones Face (Practice)



- Task Sheet | Portrait Project - Trace Anyone's Face Sheet  (Turn this in) 3 pts

TUESDAY - FRIDAY January 14th - 17th

Project | Adobe Illustrator - Portrait Instructions - Trace Your Face

- Task Sheet | Portrait Project - Trace Your Face (Turn this in for a grade) 3 pts


What You Should Know About AI So Far

Select & Direct Select Tools

Anchor Points



What End Points are in paths


Pen Tool

Stroke vs Fill

Applying gradients

Where to find and make color swatches

Where to find and apply textures and patterns

How to make Graphic Style effects

What .AI Format is

Vector images


Swatches and their Libraries


Grouping Items

2D Flat Design



TUESDAY January 7th

What Is Adobe Illustrator (These show you what the software can be used for)
1. Preview These Adobe Illustrator examples
2. Read Pages 1 - 4 | What Is Illustrator?
  Start with Number 1  Overview — Take a one-minute tour, the, work your way through 2 -  Essentials for beginners


TUESDAY January 7th

Step 1 | Pre-Production: Adobe Illustrator - Skill Builders (These introduce you to using the software)


TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY January 7th - 8th
Step 2 | Pre-Production: Adobe Illustrator - Getting Familiar (Further clarification on the software use) (use some headphones for the videos)

WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY January 8th - 9th

Step 3 | Project - Beginners Pen Tool Exercises (Practice) 1pt

THURSDAY - FRIDAY January 9th - 10th

Step 4 | Project - Intermediate Pen Tool Exercises (More Practice and Effects) 1pt

Adobe Illustrator Advanced Resources

Intermediate Tutorials (For when you're feeling good about how to use the software) *Extra Credit 1/2 pt each

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