Your job is to research your last name and origins and create a collage that honors your family.

Have a look at the example at the bottom of the page.

Read Through The Task Sheet

Grading Criteria

The categories in the example below should be recreated on your final. How you lay them out and design them is up to you.

You need to include:

  • I AM ___YOUR NAME___

  • My Name Means - Include as much information as you can find.

  • Include 5 Facts About You that you'd like people to know.

  • Five Adjectives Your Friends Would Use To Describe You.

  • Five Things You Enjoy And Why.

  • What Are Your Future Plans

Save a copy of your original, layer-filled .PSD file as a .JPEG and turn in to the class In-Box labeled Who I Am


Origin Of Last Names

Geneology Bank

Last Name History

Kabalarian Philosophy Name Origin

You can also Google "Your Last Name" and origin or geneology

A Finished Example

Who I Am 2019.jpg