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What Adobe InDesign Is:

  • Industry standard page layout software

  • Lets you combine text and images for brochures, magazines, business 
    cards, flyers, posters, mobile devices and more.

  • Outputs using several different file formats. PDF is one.

  • Watch this short video to learn more about what InDesign can do.

Students New To InDesign, Start Here:

If this is your first time using Photoshop, these beginning tips, techniques and projects will help you get started using some of the design industry's most popular software. *CLICK HERE* for here assignment.

InDesign Icon.png
  1. Get Started

  2. Add text

  3. Format text

  4. Add & Transform Graphics

  5. Apply Color and Effects

  1. Page Layout Course (Watch)

  2. Beginner Projects (5 Projects - 2 pts total)

  • Set Up Postcard

  • Create Magazine Call-Out

  • Create Retro Text Effect

  • Apply A Decorative Drop Cap

  • Make a Personalized Thank You Card

   3. More InDesign tutorials:  Resume and business card. (2 projects 3 pts total)

   4. Premium courses:  Newsletter (3 pts) (Details coming soon.)

Adobe InDesign Resources

      A collection of beginner guides on various InDesign topics like the best way to create a   new document, how to import text and images 
     and even useful advice on what to do when a document is corrupted and how to make   comments and track changes.


      An excellent collection of beginner guides on various InDesign topics.

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