Your job is to research all the tools available to you in order to retouch damaged photos, make color corrections, fix rips, etc..


Read Through The Task Sheet

Grading Criteria

Will vary from project to project, but the main focus is on seemless integration of your edits. We'll talk about what that means.

Save a copy of each of your original, layer-filled .PSD files as a .JPEG and turn in to the class In-Box labeled: Retouching


Your job is to familiarize yourself with the following:

  1. Remove objects from your photos with Content-Aware Fill

  2. Content-Aware Patch and Move

  3. Retouch and repair photos

Watch The Demo With Mr. Juul


Celebrities without teeth examples


Photo Retouching (5 Pts)

There's two parts to this:

Project 1 - You Retouch 3 Damaged Photos
Your resource photos are in the class resource folder titled 00_Class Resources.
Choose any three and retouch them using the Spot healing, Content Aware and Healing brushes.
Save a 'before' and 'after version as a .jpeg

Correct the color, brightness, tears, remove spots or blemishes.

Specifics for saving photos:

  • 300 dpi resolution

  • Landscape style page 11" x 8.5"

  • Show the before and after results like shown.

  • Turn In Your BEST of the 3. Show the before & after on a 11” w x 8.5 h page


Project 2 - Uglify and Beautify Yourself

Using  layers and retouching techniques, make yourself ugly and beautiful.

  1. You're going to damage yourself. Bad skin, bad hair, bags under your eyes, acne, scars, whatever you can do to make yourself look unhealthy or unattractive. Don't go stupid overboard.

  2. Save a copy for web and place it in the class inbox. JPEG. Also save your .PSD file so I can see your masking and layers

Read The Task Sheet About The Photo Retouching & Beautify Uglify Projects and See Examples


A 'Before' and 'After' Example

Before After.jpg

Project 3 -  Coloring a Black and White Photo (3 Pts  - Due Wednesday, Sept 11th)
Your job is to take two black and white photos ( a person and landscape) and colorize them in Photoshop using techniques learned in class.

Save a copy for web and place it in the class inbox. JPEG. Also save your .PSD version so I can see your layers


Project 4 - Masking - Aminal Hybrids (3 pts )
Your job is to learn how to mask and create seemless blending of images.

Project 5 - Cheese Photos (4 pts )

BW to Color Pic Example.jpg