Want to become Adobe Certified?

  • Open This First for all the necessary information on how to do Certification Pre-Testing, including Pre-Test code.

When you have achieved a passing score on two pre-tests (not Trainings) of 90% or higher, print your passing score page or take a snapshot of it with your phone and either give it to or show it to Mr. Juul. We'll then schedule you to take the certification test.

Adobe Certification Pre-Testing

  • On your desktop (PC's in class) is a link to You'll need to create an account with them. You can practice-train as many times as you want.  You need to pass two of the pre-tests with a 90% or better to sit for your certification exam. 

Adobe Bundles Certification Explained

Certification is available for          |

  • Photoshop (CC2019-2020-2021)

  • Illustrator (CC2019-2020-2021)

  • InDesign (CC2019-2020-2021)


Adobe Photoshop Training Tips