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Well, I am afraid to say I was right when I mentioned I didn't think we'd be seeing one another for awhile!

I'll be keeping this site updated as usual while also working with you using Microsoft Teams.

Questions about Certification: all industry certifications are on hold at the moment.

Doesn't mean you can't still pre-test, etc. and keep up on your chops.

Questions about Capstone Projects: Capstone night is postponed until further notice.

Obviously keep all of your work, or even continue to work on it at points.

Click on the Commercial Arts Class for what the next 9 weeks will look like.

Click on the Design For Gaming Class for what the next 9 weeks will look like.

Stay smart. Stay sane. Meditate. Love. Laugh and Give to one another.

New Students

  • Poster History & Design

Gaming Students

  • Software of Choice Project

  • Certification Pre-Testing


Advanced Students

  • Infographics

  • Software of Choice Project

  • Certification Pre-Testing



Graphic Arts news (Industry Inspiration)


Graphic Design Beginners (Important Skills to Learn)

Creative Bloq (All Design News & Inspiration)

Digital Arts Online (All Graphic Design news)

Gamasutra (Game Design news)

It's Nice That (Graphic Design news)

Graphic Design USA (Design news)

100 Inspirational Quotes For Designers

Visual News (Infographic Designs)

Dexigner (Art Design Fashion Contests)

Open Culture (Free Education/ Cultural Media)

Design Milk (Art & Technology)

Designer Daily (Daily weekly design tips for designers)

Designboom (Design Art Technology Architecture)

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) (Professional Design Association)

The Dieline (Package Design news)

Design Crowd (Peep Jobs and Fun Contests)

UC Creative (Design news and resources)

Colossal.com (Art, Design, Illustrations, Photos)

Vector Diary (Your home for Adobe Illustrator Tips)

Lost At E Minor
(Music, Design, Science, Technology)

99U (Art Design - Adobe)

Retro Vectors
(Adobe Illustrator resource for vintage art)

Trend List (Trends in design)

Graphic Design Career Roadmap & Salary

Dezeen Magazine (Architecture Design Technology)

Ad Week Magazine (Ad campaigns reviewed)

New Scientist (Science technology news)

TypeInspire.com (Typography Inspiration)

Wish Books (Old, department store product catalogs)

Packaging Of The World (Package Design news)

Digital Arts Online (Digital and Graphic design news)

Salary.com Graphic Designers
(How much do they earn)

Reddit's Crappy Design (Terrible design)

Random Choice Generator (Makes choosing easy)

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