Capstone Plans

Jan. 10th - Proposal Due

Feb. 11th - First Check-In

Feb. 24th - Second Check-In

Mar. 25th - Fourth Check-In

Apr. 1st    - Fifth Check-In

April 8th   - Last Check-In

April 13th - Capstone Night

Capstone Project Proposals

Student Letter – Proposal / Introduction & Overview

This is the gist of your ideas... what is your game about? What is the theme? How is it played?, etc..


The Timeline

By what date do you want the artwork done? The box? The board and cards? The instructions? Test play?

We'll do three check-in's for you to go over your work before finalizing.

The Research

Who else are you talking with about your game? What adults or people outside school cold you discuss your ideas with and document your research? Could you contact someone who makes games professionally?

The Presentation

How your item will be presented? What will you say about it? How will you encourage people to play your game?

The Portfolio

You'll be displaying work from your portfolio (either digital with a laptop or physically, with printed work).